magyar Angol Német

 Annamária B. Molnár

B.Molnár Annamária

I was born 1970 in Budapest (Hungary). Ever since I was a child, I have been deeply interested in painting and drawing. I have studied arts, learnt to be a painter of porcelain, than I mastered painting with the artist, Balázs Ványi. In order to enhance my capabilities, I have studied at the art school of Tibor Tóth. I have developed a special technique involving painter knife but my work also included paintings created in the traditional manner, using a brush. My grandmother, an old lady of the countryside has been one of the most definitive characters of my childhood.

The atmosphere of my pictures  the idyllic environment of the old kitchen, the old vessels, laces, sunflowers all recall the atmosphere of the countryside. I take much pleasure in painting nostalgic still lives, pictures that bear the Hungarian style, I hope I manage to create a bit of calm in our rushing world. My first individual exhibition took place in the 17. district of Budapest. Afterwards I took part in several individual and collective exhibitions and applied to a number of fellowships.

My works can be found in the Hungarian and the foreign art market as well and several paintings of mine enriches the private collections in Hungary and abroad.